Faculty Profile

Information Technology
Name Dr. Anagha Kulkarni
Designation HOD,Associate Professor
Qualification Ph.D.
Experience Teaching: 12 Years Industy: 9 Year
Area of Interest Machine Learning, Text Mining
E mail Id anagha.kulkarni@cumminscollege.in
Name Dr. Dipti D Patil
Designation Associate Professor
Qualification Ph.D.
Experience Teaching: 13.5 Years
Area of Interest Machine learning, Ubiquitous Computing,Distributed Systems
E mail Id dipti.patil@cumminscollege.in
Name Mrs. Madhura Tokekar
Designation Assistant Professor
Qualification M. E. ( Electrical Engineering)
Experience Teaching: 30 Years
Area of Interest Object Oriented Analysis and Design, Multimedia Systems
E mail Id madhura.tokekar@cumminscollege.in
Name Mr. Makarand R. Velankar
Designation Ph. D. (Pursuing), M.E.(Computer Engineering)
Qualification M.E.(Computer)
Experience Teaching: 15 Years Industy: 11 Year
Area of Interest Data Structures, Database management, information retrieval, data mining, music analysis,Algorithm
E mail Id makarand.velankar@cumminscollege.in
Name Mrs. Sneha Thombre
Designation Assistant Professor
Qualification Ph. D. (Pursuing), M.E (Electronics and Telecommunications)
Experience Teaching: 17 Years Research 3 Years  Industy: 1 Year
Area of Interest Computer networking, Network Security, Wireless Networks
E mail Id sneha.thombre@cumminscollege.in
Name Mr. Wadkar Harshad Suryakant
Designation Assistant Professor
Qualification Ph. D.(Pursuing), M.E.(Computer Engineering)
Experience Teaching: 16.5 Years Industrial: 2.5Years
Area of Interest Static Code Analysis, Operating System Security
E mail Id harshad.wadkar@cumminscollege.in
Name Mr. Praful Dadaji Meshram
Designation Assistant Professor
Qualification Ph. D. (Pursuing), M.E (Information Technology)
Experience Teaching: 12Years
Area of Interest Computer Networks and Wireless Communication, Android Security.
E mail Id praful.meshram@cumminscollege.in
Name Dr. Chetana Gavankar
Designation Assistant Professor
Qualification Ph.d
Experience Teaching: 15.5 Years Industy: 3 Year Research: 3 Years
Area of Interest Information Retrieval, Natural Language Processing, Ontology, Data Mining, Semantic Search, Semantic Web Search, Machine Learning, Software Engineering
Email Id chetana.gavankar@cumminscollege.in
Name Mrs. Radhika Akshay Bhagwat
Designation Assistant Professor
Qualification Ph. D. (Pursuing), M Tech (Electronics- Computer)
Experience Teaching: 14 Years
Area of Interest Image Processing, Digital Electronics, Microprocessor and Controllers
E mail Id radhika.bhagwat@cumminscollege.in
Name Ms. Leena M. Panchal
Designation Assistant Professor
Qualification M.E (Information Technology)
Experience Teaching: 13.6 Years
Area of Interest Multimedia System, System Software,Wireless Sensor Networks
E mail Id leena.sharma@cumminscollege.in
Name Ms.Harsha Sonune
Designation Assistant Professor
Qualification M.E. (Information Technology)
Experience Teaching:11Years
Area of Interest Networking, Security, Data Communication
E mail Id harsha.khedkar@cumminscollege.in
Name Ms. Prajakta Deshpande
Designation Assistant Professor
Qualification ME (Pursuing), BE (Information Technology)
Experience Teaching: 9.5Years
Area of Interest Cloud Computing, Compiler Construction, Android
E mail Id prajakta.deshpande@cumminscollege.in
Name Mr. Milind N. Kolambe
Designation Assistant Professor
Qualification ME (Pursuing), B.E. (Computer)
Experience Teaching: 9.5 Years
Area of Interest Programming, Data Mining Management, Software Engineering, Computer Graphics, Human Computer Interaction and Usability
Email Id milind.kolambe@cumminscollege.in
Name Mrs. Suchitra Pakale
Designation Assistant Professor
Qualification M.Tech. (Computer Engineering)
Experience Teaching: 12.5 Years
Area of Interest Software Engineering,Genetic Algorithm, Computer Architecture
Email Id suchitra.morwadkar@cumminscollege.in


Name Mr. Suraj Chavan
Designation Assistant Professor
Qualification M. Tech (Computer Engineering)
Experience Teaching: 11 Years Industry: 1 Year
Area of Interest Cloud Computing
Email Id Suraj.chavan@cumminscollege.in