Project Summary
We have separate project lab with twenty five machines having latest configurations to suit the project needs of students. The students generally form their own groups. The project coordinator conducts a session during their third year, explaining the details about the project work which they will be doing in their final year.

During the session, they get the guidelines to group formation with ideal size and complementing personal capabilities as group members. Various areas of the project, technologies, recent trends, possible sample problem statements for projects are narrated to the students. The students are pushed to search for their own problem statement and answer preliminary questions like need of the project, utility of project, possible use of technologies and platforms, feasibility etc.

IT companies like KPIT, Persistent systems Ltd, Sungard, Aftek, IBM do visit our college to offer projects to selected groups. Students do approach different companies for the sponsorships.

In sponsored projects from the industry, students get exposure about industry processes, etiquettes, timelines, and guidance from experts etc.
Some of the students get recruited in the same company due to the project work done by them.

70% of the projects are Industry sponsored.

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