Laboratory Information

Laboratory Summary
The Instrumentation and Control Department has well equipped laboratories, such as Sensors and Transducers Laboratory, Process Instrumentation, Biomedical Instrumentation, Electronics Instrumentation, Delta V DCS System and Signal Processing Laboratory.

Laboratory Details

Sr. No. Laboratory Name Lab Incharge
1. Instrumentation Project Lab Prof.A.K.Joshi
2. Process Instrumentation Lab Prof.Y. G. Adhav
3. Bio Medical Lab Prof.Mrs.N. M Daimiwal
4. DSP Lab Prof.Mrs.S. P. Madhe
5. Analytical  and Optical Instrumentation Lab Prof.J.P.Gawande
6. Automation Centre Prof.H.T.Patil
7. P.G. Lab 1 Prof.H.T.Patil
8. P.G. Lab 2 Prof.A.T.Wakankar
9. Project Engineering Management Lab Prof.R. P. Borse
10. Electronic Instrumentation Lab Prof. Mrs.Pratima Kulkarni
11. Cummins MEMS R & D Centre Lab Prof. Y.G.Adhav


  1.  Instrumentation Project Lab
  2. Process Instrumentation Lab
  3. Bio Medical Lab
  4. DSP Lab
  5. Analytical and Optical Instrumentation Lab
  6. Automation Centre
  7. P.G. Lab 1
  8. P.G. Lab 2
  9. Project Engineering Management Lab
  10. Electronic Instrumentation Lab
  11. Cummins MEMS R & D Centre Lab