Industry Institute Interaction

The following document gives the association of Cummins College with

  • (I)Different Industries
  • (II)Cummins Inc
  • (III)List of Companies sponsoring events at Cummins College

(I) Association of Cummins College with the different industries is given below.
Cummins College association with different companies can be categorized into:

  1. Courses offered as part of University Syllabus
  2. Certification Courses
  3. Projects Sponsored and deployed by the industry
  4. Internship
  5. Project Competition to promote innovation
  6. Scholarships Offered
  7. Awards sponsored
  8. Student Ambassadors
  9. Workshop in latest Technologies

1) Courses run as part of University syllabus
1.1) Automotive Electronics is designed in association with KPITCUMMINS for the Electronics and Telecommunication students.
1.2) HVAC : Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning in Association with Honeywell Automation for Instrumentation and Control
1.3) Course in Business Analytics for IT students is conducted by Persistent Sytems Ltd.

2) Certificate Course Offered which are not part of the University syllabus
2.1) Certificate course in Automotive Electronics is offered to Instrumentation and Control students every year by Cummins College to increase their employability.
1.2) Certification course in Mobile Communication by Ericsson is a online course offered to 80   Electronics and Telecommunication students. To pass the exam conducted at the end of the course students must score minimum 75% marks in the exam .The certificate is globally recognized and fees are not charged.
2.3) Course in Soft Skill to increase employability: Eaton offers training in Soft Skills to 90 students of Cummins College . This programme has helped students in their employment.

3) Projects Sponsored by the industry are deployed in the company:
Cummins India, KPITCUMMINS, Persistent Sytems Ltd, John Deere, TRDDC – Tata Research and Development and Design Centre, Eaton offer projects that are deployed in the respective company.

4) Internship Offered:
4.1) Cummins India offers internship to Mechanical , Electronics and Telecommunication and Instrumentation and Control students every year for three weeks in the summer.
4.2) John Deere , Eaton offer internship for three weeks   to the students from Computer, Information Technology and Electronics and Telecommunication and Instrumentation and Control students.
4.3) Forbes Marshal offers internship toMechanical, Instrumentation and Control
4.4) BSNL in association with AICTE is offering internship to 5 students from
Electronics and Telecommunication students.
4.5) Atlas Copco GIECA division has offered Internship to Mechanical and Instrumentation Students
4.6) HSBC has come forward to offer inetrnship to the students of Cummins College in the summer of 2014.

5) Project Competition to promote Innovation:
5.1) Forbes Marshall and Persistent Systems offer award to the Best project from
the Instrumentation and Control and Computer Department respectively.
5.2) KPIT CUMMINS organized “Innoways” a competition to promote innovation.
5.3) John Deere shares real life problem statements with the students and the most innovative solution is offered award.
5.4) IBM Shared University Research (SUR) Award
Cummins College is honoured to receive the IBM SUR Award.
IBM SUR is a worldwide equipment award programme designed to promote research in different aspects of virtualization, and Cloud Computing.

6) Scholarship offered:
Cummins Foundation and Persitent Foundation offer scholarship to needy students of college.

7) Awards Sponsored
Infosys Foundation has sponsored Gold Medal to the Toppers from each branch and a student who excels in sport or Extracurricular Activity.

8) Student Ambassadors / Partners of Companies

Google Student Ambassador.
Cummins college is ranked First pan India based on the various initiatives like workshop, Seminars, Entrepreneurs’ Meet, Competitions held at College in association with Google.

IBM Ambassador:
Organized Webinars and Seminars on latest Technologies for the students.

Microsoft Student Partners ( MSP)
MSP on the Campus developed Apps for Microsoft , conducted seminars on latest technologies by Microsoft.

SAP Ambassador
Under the social initiative named “Charitra” of SAP , the SAP ambassador collected maximum number of notebooks, pencils and pens for the needy students. The College was ranked second pan India based on the number of items collected through the generous donations made by students and staff voluntarily.

Microsoft conducted workshop at Cummins College
in Azure, Mobility and Windows 8, Students developed applications which will be uploaded on the Window’s APPStore, Microsoft officials conducetd these sessions at Cummins College.

(II) Cummins College Association with Cummins INC.

  1. Helped the parent institute start the College and the Mechanical Department.
  2. Cummins College is a signature project of Cummins Foundation and Cummins Foundation is assisting Cummins College in Faculty Development, Student Development and Infrastructure Development.
  3. Cummins Foundation sponsors students from Mechanical and ICT branch to pursue higher education at Purdue University Lafayette.

(III) List of Companies sponsoring events at Cummins College
Following companies have sponsored various event s stated at the end of the list:

  1. Cummins
  3. Persistent
  4. TCS
  5. John Deere
  6. Eaton
  7. Honeywell
  8. HPCL
  9. BPCL
  10. Emerson
  11. Forbes Marshall
  12. Sungard
  13. Bulls Eye
  14. SAE
  15. CSI

Cummins College organizes events as follows:
1) Innovation – A technical Fest where students from all over India participate in:
a)       Project Competition
b)       Paper presentation
c)       Workshop
d)       On the spot events

2) TechnoTryst – A two day event that includes
a)       Workshop
b)       Seminar
c)       Panel Discussion

3) TRIZ is a event includes
a)       Toy car race
b)       Seminar
c)       Workshop on Robotics

4) Damini is a intercollege Sports Event that hosts following sports competition:
a)       Basket Ball
b)       Volley Ball
c)       Foot Ball
d)       Badminton
e)       Lawn Tennis
f)        Table Tennis
g)       Swimming