YUKTA- The Entrepreneurship Development Cell at Cummins College of Engineering for Women
The E-Cell named Yukta was started in the year 2009-2010 on 18th March 2009 at the College.

The structure of E Cell:
Faculty In charge:
Ms Rohini Mulay
BSc MDBA, Certified facilitator- EDII and NEN
Mr Makarand Velankar
ME, DMM, Certified facilitator NEN


Entrepreneurship Cell “CUMMINS YUKTA” is the National Entrepreneurship Network division of Cummins College of Engineering For Women, Pune. The E-Cell has organized the following events in the first half of the session 2013-2014.

2nd August, 2013: Friendships Day Celebration
This was the first event organized by E-Cell for the 2013-2014 session. It was aimed at familiarizing the students with the E-Cell and NEN. Different games were organized to make friendship stronger. Prizes were distributed to the winners.

Impact: More than 100 students participated in the games. They enjoyed the event and got refreshed. This event generated a profit of 192/-.

13th August, 2013: FE Orientation
We had a FE Orientation Session on the 13th of August. The first year students were briefed about the E-cell and the work that is done by us. Our motive was to introduce the first year students to NEN i.e. National Entrepreneur’s Network.

13th September, 2013: TeenEntrepreneur
E-Cell organized TeenEntrepreneur to celebrate Engineer’s Day. The events organized were:


Debate: Topic of the debate was “Jobs v/s Entrepreneurship”, with 15+ participants, the best videos were sent to IIT Bombay.

Poster designing: The topic of the poster design competition was “T-shirt and logo designing for Entrepreneurship cell”, with 15+ participants

Investor’s hat game: This was a business simulation game, where participants understood the working of the stock market by making paper cuttings like circles, rectangles and triangles and selling them in the market. Its price varied with time, like shares. The one who made the most profit was declared as a winner.

Madads: Participants had to make advertisement on the spot, of the products given. This increased their creative thinking.

Click it: Participants had to click pictures of the given things, in a particular amount of time.

Impact 60+ students participated. It gave them a platform where they expressed their thoughts & ideas, interacted, enjoyed and opened up. Certificates were distributed to all the participants.

4th October, 2013: Talk by iSEED
iSEED: Indian school for entrepreneurs and enterprise development. It is an educational institution that nurtures committed young individuals aspiring to be entrepreneurs. It is an educational hub to foster an entrepreneurial community of students, faculty, alumni, practitioners, and Investors.

Concentrated on topics like: Entrepreneurship & myths about it, why entrepreneurship, women entrepreneurs and demystify it challenges.

Impact: With 30+ attendees, students learnt a lot and cleared their doubts about entrepreneurship.