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Allied Science Laboratory

Basic Sciences and HumanitiesLaboratory Summary

The department of Basic Sciences and Humanities has primarily 05 laboratories where term work is carried out by the F.Y.B.Tech. students.

BS 1104 and BS 1204 – Physics Lab (PL1 and PL2)

Physics Lab

In Physics laboratory students are introduced to the modern equipments, precision techniques and experimental methods to understand and verify principle/laws of physics.

During first semester   (BS 1104 course) students perform classical physics experiments – Optics, Thermodynamics, Electricity and Magnetism. The optics experiments comprises of Michelson Interferometer (precision 0.1 micrometer), Polarization of light – law of Malus’ and uses of Quarter wave plate, Measurement of Dielectric Constant, Dia- para- ferro magnetism, Faraday’s law (computer interface experiment), Specific heat of substances.

During second semester (BS 1204 course), experiments are based on quantum physics – solid state physics, atomic and molecular physics. Determination of Planck’s constant by LED, Balmer Series and Emission spectra, B-H curve (computer interface experiment), Zeeman effect (manual as well as computer interface experiment), Hall effect are experiments through which students explore the concepts of quantum physics.


BS 1104 and BS 1204 – Chemistry Lab (CL1 and CL2)

Comp Network lab

In the first semester, the students perform experiments such as volumetric analysis manually as well as using pH metry,conductivity meter and potentiometer. Analysis of water sample is carried out to determine hardness, alkalinity, chlorides etc. The Lab has a flame photometer to determine the presence of alkali metals in samples. In the second semester students perform coal analysis and determine the molecular weight of a polymer using viscometric method. Students also perform different chromatographic techniques. The students handle colorimeter which is used in determining the concentration of analyte. The major Equipments are: Distillation plant, Electric Oven, Muffle Furnace, Digital Balance, Conductivity meter, Potentiometer, Flame Photometer, Colorimeter, Sonicator, Centrifuge


ES 1107 – Civil Engineering Laboratory

Comp Network lab

Various experiments related to Mechanics are performed in this Lab. Engineering Mechanics is one of the basic or core subject in engineering which bridges the gap between physical theory and its application to technology. It develops the logical thinking, analysis and mathematical skills of students. It emphasizes the application of the concepts like force systems, equilibrium, and friction.It also covers different types of motions of the particles, work energy principle.

ES 1105 -Basic Electrical Engg. Lab



Basic Electrical Engineering lab has fully equipped work stations to carry out various fundamental experiments in electrical engineering.  Each work station is equipped with single phase and three phase variable AC and DC power supply. Adequate protection is provided to carry out the experiments in safe environment. This lab can accommodate 30 students at a time. The experiments are designed to give students hands on experience which enables them to correlate theory with practice. Students get an opportunity to perform various experiments like wiring exercises, network theorem verification, effect of temperature on resistance of a conductor, RLC series and parallel circuits, load test on transformer etc. The lab is equipped with power meters, voltage meters, ammeters, single phase transformers,AC/DC motors coupled with generators.


ES 1106- Fundamental programming language Lab


There are 33 No. of Desktop , a Printer  and an LCD projector in the FPL Lab.The Operating System  used is Ubuntu 12.04 Compiler – gcc / g++ – version 4.6.3 with a Programming environment – Ecllipse IDE(Indigo) – C/C++