Structure and Syllabus


As the department is affiliated to University of Pune, the structure and syllabus of the programme for Computer Engineering is revised and updated by University of Pune every five years to meet the changing requirements of the industry and to accommodate new innovations in the technology.

We are running the revised course -2008 for second year. Third year and final year course will be revised subsequently by the University of Pune.

The second year Computer Engineering course develops the programming skills and introduces object oriented concepts and industrial and financial management. Along with software skills, it also introduces hardware concepts with the help of Analog and digital electronics, microprocessor interfacing techniques and computer organization. It also covers training for soft skills such as personality development, presentation and communication skills, teamwork and work ethics.

The third year Computer Engineering course trains in core areas such as Databases, Software Engineering processes, Computer Networks, System Programming and Microprocessor-Microcontroller theory and interfacing. It develops the research attitude and technical presentation skills with the help of seminar activity. It also introduces the software development tools and web technologies.

The final year Computer Engineering course offers specialization by providing electives. It introduces to applications of core areas and upcoming technologies. The courses like Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Object oriented Modelling and Design and Software Testing and Quality Assurance are studied by the final year students in great detail. Along with these software courses, students also get insight into other core areas like Advanced Data bases, Artificial Intelligence, Multimedia Systems, Software Architecture and Embedded Systems in the form of electives. These courses strengthen the concepts and their applications.

The final year engineering course allows the students to implement the design idea into a working model with necessary software interface with the help of project work, which spans for one academic year.

Second year Structure

S.Y. B Tech Computer Engineering Structure2018-19

S. Y. B. Tech Syllabus

S. Y. B Tech Computer Engineering Sem I syllabus

S. Y. B Tech Computer Engineering Sem II syllabus

T. Y. B. Tech Structure

T.Y. B Tech Computer Engineering Sem I Structure

T.Y. B Tech Computer Engineering Sem II Structure

T. Y. B. Tech Syllabus

T.Y. B Tech Computer Engineering Sem I Syllabus

T.Y. B Tech Computer Engineering Sem II Syllabus

Final year Syllabus Details
Final year Syllabus Details