Laboratory Information

Laboratory Summary:

The department of Electronics and Telecommunication has thirteen well equipped labs. The  labs have the latest equipments such as Digital Storage Oscilloscopes, Spectrum Analyzer, OTDR, Xillinxs, Three Phase Converter, Power Scope, Logic Analyzer, Fiber Optics trainer kits, Microwave trainer kit and DSK TMS 320C6713 DSP kits, TMS 320C6437,Da-Vinci 6446 DSK and DSP Controller Kit. All these labs are well equipped with latest Intel Core i3 computers with LCD Monitor, LCD Projector, and Laser Printers with UPS backup.

These Computers have licensed Software such as CADENCE software, Proteus, MatLab, MultiSim 11.0, Active HDL, CCS etc.                                          

Sr. No. Laboratory Name Lab Incharge
1. Computer Lab-I (LEC-II) Mrs. Varsha Kulkarni
2. Computer Lab-II (LEC-III) Mrs. A. R. Fukane
3. Computer Lab-III (LEC-IV) Ms. Ketaki Behele
4. Computer Lab -IV (LEC-V) Mrs. M. A. Jabde
5. Project Lab (LEC-VI) Mrs. K. A. Rajwade
6. Basic Electronics Lab (LEC-VII) Mrs. S. D. Katurde
7. Analog Lab (LEC-VIII) Mrs. G.V. Deshpande
8. Power Lab (LEC-IX) Mr. V. P. Shinde
9. Fiber Optic Lab (LEC-X) Mrs. S V. Dole
10. Communication Lab -I (LEC-XI) Mrs. P. C. Shenolikar
11. Communication Lab-II (LEC-XIII) Mr. A. B. Shinde
12. Signal Processing Lab (LEC-XII)(Exclusive For M.E.) Facilities with Advance VLSI CADENCE. Mrs. D.Y. Tambe
13. Research Lab (LEC-I) Mrs. A. A. Damle

Laboratory Details

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