Structure and Syllabus

Second year Structure and  Syllabus

In the second year, the students are made to cover the basics of E&TC Engg. Subjects like signals and Systems, Solid State Devices and Circuits, network Analysis, Digital Logic Design, Integrated Circuits and Applications, Electromagnetic, Data structures and Communication Theory, etc are covered.

S. Y. B Tech Structure Details

S. Y. BTech E&Tc Structure

S. Y. B Tech Syllabus Details

S. Y. BTech E&Tc Syllabus

T.Y. B Tech Structure

T.Y. B Tech E&Tc Sem I Structure

T.Y. B Tech E&Tc Sem II Structure

T.Y. B Tech Syllabus

T.Y. B Tech E&Tc Sem I and Sem II Syllabus


Final year Syllabus

The advanced level core engineering subjects like Fiber Optical, Mobile Communication, Digital Image Processing, Speech Processing Computer Network, VLSI, Embedded System Design, etc are covered.

Final year Syllabus Details

Final year Syllabus Details 2012

Master’s Syllabus

In the first year all theory subjects concerning Signal Processing are covered the second year meant for the Post Graduation level project.

MTech.  Structure and Syllabus Details

M.Tech Signal Processing structure

M.Tech Signal Processin Syllabus 2017