About The Department


To be recognized as a centre for quality education to develop women professionals in mechanical engineering


  • To impart knowledge and skills in the field of mechanical engineering
  • To develop mechanical engineers with professional ethics, who will respond to the current and future needs of society through academic, industrial, and research activities
  • Develop facilities for higher education and promote research activities

 State the Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

    To prepare graduates of the Mechanical Engineering Programme…
  • To excel in professional career in Mechanical  engineering and allied interdisciplinary areas.
  • To exhibit strong fundamentals for continuing professional development  and to pursue higher education.  
  • To remain adhered to professional ethics, and acquire qualities to perform as successful leaders,
  • To be responsive to societal and environmental issues at the workplace and around.

Programme Specific Outcomes (PSOs)
Mechanical Engineering Graduate is capable of

  • applying fundamentals of Mechanical Engineering and Mathematics to solve complex engineering problems.
  • analysing and designing optimal solution(s) in the fields of Design, Thermal, Manufacturing and Industrial Engineering according to industry needs.
  • communicating effectively to work as a team member and/or leader with professional ethics.
  • pursuing higher studies and engaging in life-long learning.

Mechanical engineering degree course was formally inaugurated by the hands of Padmashree Ms Lila Poonawalla. On 23-11-2006, the BhumiPoojan of Mechanical Engineering Building was done by the hands of Mr Anant Talaulicar, CMD Cummins India Ltd. In June 2007, first batch of students in Mechanical Engineering course was admitted. The Journey of Mechanical Engineering is now towards 10th successful years. The Department has been set up with help and strong support of Cummins Diesel India Foundation. Cummins India Limited provided inputs for growth and development of the department whenever required. The department has qualified faculty with research potential. The department have received research grants from DST and BCUD. The class rooms with multimedia and wifi facilities are available in the department. The department has well equipped laboratories and excellent facilities for the students. The department has excellent computing facility with advanced softwares in Computer Centre. The department has multiylinder CRDI engine with latest features in Internal Combustion Engines laboratory, measuring instruments in Dynamics of Machinery and Automation Studio in Mechatronics Laboratory. The CNC machining, MIG and TIG welding facilities are also available in the workshop for the students participated in BAJA, Supra and ROBOCON. The additional equipments or set up are also developed in the laboratory through projects and research work in the department. The total investment in the department is Rs.3.62Cr. The department conducted no. of state and national level workshops on Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH), Industrial Fluid Power, FEM, Ansys etc. The passed out BE Mechanical result is 90% plus. The good no. of multinational core companies are visited every year and placement of Mechanical Engg. students is very good. Recently in July 2016, department has started American Society of Mechanical Engineering (ASME) students section.

Felicitation Ceremony for the First Batch of Mechanical Engineering Graduates in Aug-2011

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