Laboratory Information

Laboratory Summary

All the laboratories are well equipped with state– of – art equipments. We have Computerized Test Rig for 3 Cylinder Four Stroke – Tata Indica Petrol Engine & Exhaust Gas Analyzer for 4 Gas type. Department has latest P4 machines, High speed Internet facility, LCD Projectors and licensed softwares.

Sr.No. Laboratory Name Lab In charge
LME 1 Computer Centre Prof.A.S.Shinde,
Prof. H.M.Shinde
LME 2 Theory of Machines / Dynamics of Machinery Dr. G.S.Chandekar,
LME 3 Fluid Mechanics Prof.A.P.Rajurkar
LME 4 Metrology & Quality Control Prof. A.K.Bewoor
LME 5 Thermodynamics Prof.R.A.Agavekar
LME 6 Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Prof.R.A.Agavekar
LME 7 Heat Transfer Prof. P.S.Chaware
LME 8 Hydraulics and Pneumatics Dr. A. A. Bhosale
LME 9 Turbo Machinery Prof. A.P.Rajurkar
LME 10 Mechatronics Prof.N.R.Kolhalkar
LME 11 Metallurgy Prof.S.P.Divekar
LME 12 Internal Combustion Engines Prof. H.M.Shinde
LME 13 Project  Center / Research Lab Prof. A.K.Bewoor,
Dr. G.S.Chandekar,

LME 1 – Computer Center


Laboratories Resource Equipments:
Pro-E 4.0, Ansys 14.5, Delcam -2012/2014, Matlab 10.0, E-Yantra (Gear & MEDO).SolidWorks 2011, AutoCAD 2008/2016LAB is equipped with 88 computers with 01 server all connected to LAN, 02 LCD projector, HP all-in-one printer, 01 HP DesignJet 110plus Plotter.

Utilization of Laboratories: For SE(CAMD), TE(CONM), BE(CAD/CAM, FEM) Mechanical

LME 2 – Theory of Machines / Dynamics of Machinery


Laboratories resource equipments:
CAM analysis machine, universal governor apparatus, vibration lab setup, epicyclical gear trainer, Gyroscope, Differential Gear Box, Synchromesh Gear Box, Acrylic Models of Differential Mechanisms, vibration lab setup, dynamic balancing machine,Impact Hammer, Lab Quest software for vibration and Noise measurement.

Utilization of Laboratories: For SE, TE,  BE Mechanical

LME 3–Fluid Mechanics


Laboratories Resource Equipments:
Reynolds Apparatus, Pipe friction, Pressure Measurement Apparatus

Utilization of Laboratories: For SE Mechanical

LME 4– Metrology & Quality Control


Laboratories Resource Equipments:
Vernier Height Gauge Range 0-300mm, Vernier Caliper 150mm, Microprocessor Based Digital Indicator, Granite Surface Plate 630 X 630mm, Optical Flat 50mm Dia 15mm, Slip Gauge Set Steel, Universal Bevel Protector 0 To 360, Dial Indicator 10 Micron, Dial Indicator 1 Micron, Micrometer 0 To 25mm Make, Mitutoyo, Sine Bar 200mm Length, Gear Tooth Vernier Caliper, Profile Projector Screen Dia. 200mm, Floating Carriage Micrometer, Tool makers microscope

Utilization of Laboratories: For TE Mechanical

LME 5–Thermodynamics


Laboratories Resource Equipments:
Air Compressor Test Rig, Separating & Throttling Calorimeter, Bomb Calorimeter, Orsat Gas Analyzing Apparatus, Models Of Boiler Mountings &Accessories Set, Abel’s Flash Point Apparatus, Cloud & Pour Point Apparatus

Utilization of Laboratories: For SE Mechanical

LME 6–Refrigeration and Air Conditioning


Laboratories Resource Equipments:
Ice Plant Tutor, Air Conditioning Tutor, Refrigeration Tutor

Utilization of Laboratories: For TE Mechanical

LME 7–Heat Transfer


Laboratories Resource Equipments:
Pin fin Apparatus, Composite Wall Apparatus, Forced Convection Apparatus, Stefan Boltzmann Apparatus, Emissivity Apparatus, Heat Exchanger, Pool boiling Heat Transfer Apparatus, Natural Convection Apparatus

Utilization of Laboratories: For TE Mechanical

LME 8–Hydraulics and Pneumatics


Laboratories Resource Equipments:
Electro pneumatic trainer kit, Transparent hydraulic trainer kit + Electro Hydraulic Kit

Utilization of Laboratories: For TE Mechanical

LME 9–Turbo Machinery


Laboratories Resource Equipments:
Pelton Wheel Turbine Test Rig, Francis Turbine Test Rig, Reciprocating Pump Test Rig, Impact of jet on vanes, Centrifugal Pump test rig

Utilization of Laboratories: For TE Mechanical

LME 10–Mechatronics


Laboratories Resource Equipments:
Flow measurement, Temp.Measurement, Temp control trainer, PLC Trainer Kit, Linear variable differential transformer.

Utilization of Laboratories: For T.E Mechanical

LME 11–Metallurgy



Figure 1: Muffle furnace in use

Figure 2: Heated job being unloaded from the furnace.

Figure 3: Hardness job in progress

Figure 4: Operating 60 ton Open Jaw Universal Testing Machine

Figure 5: Metallurgical Microscope: Inverted, Binocular

Figure 6: Rockwell hardness test

Laboratories Resource Equipments:
Universal Testing Machines 60TON capacity open crosshead jow, Rockwell hardness tester, Vickers cum Brinell hardness tester, Ultrasonic flaw detector-Rooptelsonic model 4400, Fluorescent Dye Penetrant test kit, Yoke magnetic particle test
kit, Poldi hardness tester,  Continuous belt grinder, Single disc polishing machine, Metallurgical microscope VMM4 with CCD camera attachment and  interface to computer, 3 KW Muffle Furnace with Muffle size- 6”X6”X12”.

Utilization of Laboratories: For SE Mechanical

LME 12–Internal Combustion Engines


Laboratories Resource Equipments:
Computerized 4 stroke Maruti 800 Petrol Engine Setup, VCR Diesel Engine Setup, Exhaust Gas Analyzer 4 Gas type.

Utilization of Laboratories: For SE Mechanical

LME 13–Project Center


Research facilities are developed under signature project of Cummins foundation and very soon research center will be open to carry out research projects.

Software – LS- Dyna, Hypermesh Work, Ensight, Solid Works,Ansys 14.0 (unlimited nods).


Oscilloscope, Arbitrary Function Generator, VaisalaBarocap Digital Barometer &Vaisala Humidity & Temperature, FFT Analyzer( 4 Channels)

Work stations – Laptop (Lenovo), HP Workstation Z420,
Windows 12 Server- HP 24 core, 48 GB RAM (Qty. 01)

Utilization of Laboratories: For BE Mechanical, SAE BAJA.

Drawing Hall 1


Laboratories Resource Equipments:
AutoCAD 2008/2016 (Graphics Lab). Lab is equipped with 34 computer all connected to LAN, LCD projector, PA system.

Utilization of Laboratories: For FE Mechanical

Drawing Hall 2


Laboratories Resource Equipments:
Wooden Models of Various Solids. (Prism/ Pyramids/ Cone/ Cylinders)

Utilization of Laboratories: For FE(BME), TE(MSD) Mechanical

Workshop Department



SHOP Major Equipment Quantity
Machine Shop Lathe Machine 22
Milling Machine 1
Sensitive  drill machine 1
Bench Grinder 1
Radial Drilling machine 40 mm drilling capacity 1
Shaping machine 1
Power saw machine 1
Radial Drilling machine 25 mm drilling capacity 1
ACE CNC lathe Simple Turn 5075 (Fanuc Control)special machine 1
Fitting shop Fitting table with 38 vices fitted on table 10
Apex bench vice (new) 4
Vernier Height Gauge 12″ 1
Welding,Tinsmithy and blacksmithy ARC weldidng transformer 3
Portable grinder 1
Abrasive cutting machine 2
Hand Shear 1
Hand press/fly press 1
blacksmithy furnace coal burning 1
Mig Welding Machine 1
TIG welding machine ( special machines ) 1
Carpentry Shop Power circular saw 1
Power portable planer 1
Power jig saw cutter 1
Wooden lathe 2
Abrasive belt sander (Machine0 1
9″ Bench Vice (new) 6
Cordless power screw driver 1
Other machines Pipe bending machine 1
  Plastic injection moulding machine 1
  Digital fruit firmness tester 1
  Colour Analyzer 1