Report of Valedictory function


Report Of Valedictory Function of  ”  Innovation, Employability Skills Enhancement And Career Building”
Date: 21st March 2014.
Venue: K.B Joshi Hall
A Valedictory function was organized to felicitate students on successful completion of their forty hours training program in “Innovation, Employability Skills Enhamcement And career Building.

The program got a wide coverage in leading newspaper –The links are as:

Cummins College of Engineering for Women (CCEW) gives students an Upper Edge
Report by India Education bureau, Pune:
A batch of students from CCEW completed a certified course in ‘Innovation, Employability Skills Enhancement and Career Building’. This course was introduced last year for third year students across all streams of engineering, one of the many programs that are being initiated as part of Cummins’ continued engagement with the College, under its ‘Signature Project’ program. At the valedictory function held to felicitate students for completing the course, certificates were presented by Nagarajan Balanaga, Vice President Human Resources – Cummins Group in India.
As a result of this program, 10 students have filed for patents in different fields of engineering. The 40-hour course, conducted by Pune based consultancy, MoebiuSutra, covers four sets of modules namely; Self Awareness, Professional Skills, Innovation and Communications. The course helps students to enhance their knowledge and engineering skills through psychometric analysis, individual reports, and creative and strategic thinking exercises like 6-Hat Thinking and Johari Window, helping them get some insight into the corporate world.
Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Madhuri B. Khambete, Principal of the Cummins College of Engineering for Women said, “Our institute emphasizes on a holistic academic approach, helping students to excel in all the facets of their academic growth. This unique certification is a great step in helping emerging professionals understand the skills and behaviors required to succeed at the workplace. There is a noticeable positive change in the overall personality of the first batch of students who have completed this course. They are reflecting greater confidence and enterprise.”
Dr. Bhooshan Kelkar – Director, MoebiuSutra Consulting Pvt Ltd. said, “At MoebiuSutra, we believe that ’employability’ goes beyond a good resume or interview skills.
We are delighted to have this opportunity to work with more than 550 bright and talented students from CCEW, along with an enthusiastic faculty who were instrumental in making this program a success. As a direct consequence of the innovation aspect of the program, 10 of the third year students have filed for patents, bringing accolades to the College. This is a key differentiator, giving the students an upper edge as they embark on their search for careers in the industry or pursue higher education in India or overseas”.
Monday, March 24, 2014