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About Cummins College of Engineering for Women in Brief:
Parent Institution: 114 Years old Maharshi Karve Stree Shikshan Samstha
Established in:1991
Affiliated to: University of Pune
Approved by : AICTE
Accredited by : NBA
Admissions : Based on CET, AIEE score as per Government of Maharashtra Rules

Branches and Intake
Bachelors in Computer Engineering :180
Bachelors in Electronics and Telecommunications : 180
Bachelors in Instrumentation and Control:60
Bachelors in Information Technology:60
Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering: 60

Post Graduate Programmes
M E in Electronics and Telecommunication
( Digital Signal Processing):18
M E in Instrumentation and Control
( Biomedical Instrumentation): 18

Process Followed for Campus Recruitment
Companies interested in Campus Recruitment are requested to download the Response Sheet as mentioned at the bottom of this page and fill in the Response Sheet and email it to It is mandatory to furnish all the information sought in the Response Sheet. Companies are considered for Campus Recruitment based on their Reputation, Nature of job and  Salary offered and Past Work Experience of the alumnae at Company.

Students are then notified and once they register the list is mailed to the company and Dates for Campus Recruitment are then scheduled at mutually convenient Date and Time.
At times the college also hosts pool campus along with other colleges in Pune.

Training and Placement Officer: Rohini Mulay
Email Id:
Mobile: 9881045783
Direct: 020-25311132

Companies interested in visiting for Campus Recruitment are requested to download the “Response Sheet” key in all the details and return it to