WoMoz Makerparty Pune

Hello Everyone!

We are proud to announce that WoMoz Makerparty Pune, sponsored by Mozilla India, organized by Mozillians, is being held at Cummins College Of Engineering for Women, Pune on Saturday 10th January, 2015! The event focuses on WoMoz (Women & Mozilla) which provides you a golden opportunity to take the first step in the exciting journey towards building Free and Open Source Projects like Mozilla!

This event is to help you out in making amazing things on the Web,Remixing Websites on your own,Developing Apps and Tons of exciting things!!

Please note that the event is for people with all levels of expertise, so no worries if you are not very much into remixing websites and making apps yet, because that’s why we are here!


All the interested people do register here : http://bit.ly/registerwomoz  ASAP as we have limited registrations available.

Also join the event on Facebook if possible : https://www.facebook.com/events/333308566869380/

For Event Metrics and more details check out the Event Wiki page here : http://wiki.mozillaindia.org/Womoz_Makerparty_Pune

We’ll be sending you the invitation mail on 9th January, 2015. Hope to see you there!

Note : Please bring the laptop and internet connection with you on the event day or otherwise you can form groups among friends who have it.

It’s Free and Open for all!

Registration Link : http://bit.ly/registerwomoz

Event Details : http://wiki.mozillaindia.org/Womoz_Makerparty_Pune

Facebook Event page link : https://www.facebook.com/events/333308566869380/

For any queries/suggestions reply me back.

Thank you!

Asavari Deokar

asavarideokar@gmail.com , 9405535084



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